Martial 7.36: Cum pluvias madidumque Iovem perferre negaret

by Tom Gardner

Cum pluvias madidumque Iovem perferre negaret
et rudis hibernis villa nataret aquis,
plurima, quae posset subitos effundere nimbos,
muneribus uenit tegula missa tuis.
Horridus, ecce, sonat Boreae stridore December:
Stella, tegis villam, non tegis agricolam.

When my rough house refused to bear the rains poured down by Jupiter
and swum in the winter waters,
very many roof-tiles, so that they could drain away the rainstorms rushing thereover,
were sent as your gift.
O listen, terrible December, sounding with the shrill north winds:
Stella, you cover the farmhouse, you do not cover the farmer.