Martial 10.64: Contigeris regina meos si Polla libellos

by Tom Gardner

Contigeris regina meos si Polla libellos,
non tetrica nostros excipe fronte iocos.
Ille tuus vates, Heliconis gloria nostri,
Pieria caneret cum fera bella tuba,
non tamen erubuit lascivo dicere versu :
‘si nec pedicor, Cotta, quid hic facio?’

Queen Polla, if you handled my little books,
Take my jesting without a stern brow.
When your noble bard, glory of our Helicon
sounded fierce warfare on a Pierian trumpet,
nevertheless did not blush to sing in mischievous verse:
“If I am not even being sodomised, Cotta, what am I doing here?”