Martial 9.67: Lascivam tota possedi

by Tom Gardner

Lascivam tota possedi nocte puellam,
cuius nequitias vincere nulla potest.
fessus mille modis illud puerile poposci:
ante preces totas primaque verba dedit.
inprobius quiddam ridensque rubensque rogavi:
pollicitast nulla luxuriosa mora.
sed mihi pura fuit; tibi non erit, Aeschyle, si vis
accipere hoc munus conditione mala.

All night I had a mischievous girl,
whose wickedness no man can exhaust.
Worn out by a million positions, I asked for that boy position:
before my request and before the first word, she gave me everything.
Laughing and blushing, I asked for a certain more shameless thing:
that wanton girl promised it without delay.
But for me she was pure; for you, she won’t be,
Aeschylus, if you want to accept this service on bad terms.