Martial 12.15: Quidquid Parrhasia nitebat

by Tom Gardner

Quidquid Parrhasia nitebat aula,
donatum est oculis deisque nostris.
miratur Scythicas virentis auri
flammas Iuppiter, et stupet superbi
regis delicias gravesque lusus:
haec sunt pocula, quae decent Tonantem,
haec sunt, quae Phrygium decent ministrum.
at nuper — pudet, a pudet fateri —
omnes cum Iove pauperes eramus.    

Whatever used to glitter in the Palatine palace
has been given to our eyes and our gods.
Jupiter marvels at the golden-green
Scythian rays, and is amazed at the
luxuries and oppressive whims of the arrogant king;
these are the cups that beseem the thunderer,
these are the cups that beseem the Phrygian attendant.
Now we are all wealthy along with Jupiter;
but recently — it shames me, ah it shames me to admit —
all of us were poor along with Jupiter.