Vergil, Georgics, 4.228-235

by Tom Gardner

Si quando sedem angustam servataque mella
thesauris relines, prius haustu sparsus aquarum
ora fove fumosque manu praetende sequaces.
Bis gravidos cogunt fetus, duo tempora messis,
Taygete simul os terris ostendit honestum
Pleas et Oceani spretos pede reppulit amnes,
aut eadem sidus fugiens ubi Piscis aquosi
tristior hibernas caelo descendit in undas.

Now if you were to unseal their narrow home, and the honey guarded in their treasure-house,
First rinse your mouth by drinking water,
and spread trailing smoke about with your hand.
The abundant produce is gathered twice; the time of harvest is twofold:
Once at the same time as Taygete the Pleiad shows her noble face to the world,
And repels with her foot the spurned the ocean-torrents,
And once when, fleeing gloomily the constellation of the watery fish,
She sinks from from the sky into the wintery waves.