Martial 9.87: Septem post calices Opimiani

by Tom Gardner

Septem post calices Opimiani
Denso cum iaceam triente blaesus,
Affers nescio quas mihi tabellas
Et dicis ‘Modo liberum esse iussi
Nastam—servolus est mihi paternus—:
Signa.’ Cras melius, Luperce, fiet:
Nunc signat meus anulus lagonam.

After seven cups of Opimian wine,
when I lie stammering from my heavy drinking,
You bring me some document or other,
And you say: ‘Oh, I’ve just given Nasta his freedom,
he was a slave of my father — sign here.’
Tomorrow is better for that, Lupercus:
For now, I’ll just put my seal on this bottle.